Tri Valley Lodge #148

Silver Star #21 Order of Eastern Star

Worthy Matron R.W. Suzanne (Sue) Cerio
Worthy Patron R.W. Bruce D. King
Associate Matron W. Margaret (Alice) Richmond
Associate Patron  
Secretary M.W. Karen Marshall-King
Treasurer S. Linda Baldwin
Conductress S. Pat Keller
Associate Conductress S. Rose Mary Rogers
Marshal S. Cynthia Donaldson
Chaplain S. Camille Bach
Warder S. Nicole Reed-Brown
Color Bearer S. Heidi Baldwin
Esther S. Patrice Gonzales
Trustee: 3 years R.W. Jessica Moore-Collins
2 years W. Margaret (Peg) Hartley
1 years R.W. Mary Ann Anderson
Floral R.W. Jessica Moore-Collins
  R.W Mary Lou Dempsey
Finance S. Cynthia Donaldson
  S. Camille Bach
Publicity W. Margaret (Peg) Hartley

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